Parenting Services

We understand that today’s world is changing at a faster pace. Parents are busy and barely spend time with their children because of work. At the clinic we provide Resources, Research & life strategies that help you mold your child’s behavior within this limited time available. We combine our expertise with the expertise of other professionals in the field to ensure that parents are well equipped to handle different scenarios and situations in the child’s development.

As you peruse through this section, it is important to remember these two reasons on why you should invest in your child’s Social and Emotional Health:

  • Emotional regulation and social competence are powerful predictors of school success, even after controlling for variations in cognitive abilities.
  • Children with emotional and behavioral difficulties (aggression) are at high risk for poor school readiness, underachievement, school dropout, delinquency, violence, and substance abuse.

Parenting coaching services

Each child is different to the other hence there cannot be a set manual on how to effectively parent all children. Each stage of the child’s development presents challenges to the parent. Most parents cannot handle these challenges on their own. We find it very helpful to have a coach available to help you unravel these challenges.…Read More

Parenting Training Program

Being a parent is the greatest gift a human being can receive from God but at the same time we have to acknowledge that it is the greatest responsibility bestowed to a person. Most people fear this responsibility and immediate change in their life. Our Parenting Training Program caters for this segment.…Read More

Guest speaking

Our Team also give speeches on specific topics of Parental Health at Conferences, Community meetings, Schools and Church. Our way of working is to customize each talk to the needs of the group.…Read More


The Nairobi Parenting Clinic has its offices at the KMA CENTRE-3 RD FLOOR 302

It is at the junction of Mara Road and Chyulu road Nairobi.

Adjacent to the Nairobi Club Kenya, Upper Hill

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